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Chippewa Pine Extract  4 fl. oz.
Chippewa Pine - Helps support a healthy respiratory system." Pinus strobus

Below is about historical observations and historical data relating to herbs. This document is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by license physicians. All readers should consult a physician regularly in all matters related to medical problems. This includes the diagnoses and treatment of disease and all other physical and mental conditions.

CHIPPEWA PINE - is the Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus , known and used by many different groups of North American, pre-Columbian inhabitants. It was first introduced to Europeans when the courageous French explorer, Jacques Cartier, during the rigorous Winter of 1535 was being worried by many severe and adverse conditions. While in the Saint Lawrence River (which he named) region of the then "New France", the mortal dis-ease, scurvy (a disease very similar in many ways to the process of degenerative aging and now known to be curable with Vitamin C) and other stresses had already killed 25 of his 150 man troupe. Another 50 were seriously ill. There was no prospect of an improvement in conditions. At this point, a kind and generous Iroquois Indian inhabitant shared the knowledge of the Eastern White Pine with Jacques Cartier. He said Jacques and his men were to make a strong tea of the tree's needles (leaves) and young bark and to drink it freely. They were also to rub the residue of the tea from the bottom of the tea pot on sore and hemorrhaging areas. Jacques Cartier and his men did so. Tissue integrity and strength were restored and they got well and not another man was lost. Keep in mind, this was long before the word Vitamin had even been invented and that there is a great likelihood that this Iroquois Indian had probably never been to a medical school as we know it. It has been revealed, through modern investigation, that the needles of the Eastern White Pine contain a small amount of what we now know as Vitamin C. When, however, the young bark is added to the needles and a liquid of this is made, the effects of this natural Vitamin C, which helps the pine tree survive stressful winters, is increased manifold when we take it. Modern investigative laboratory techniques have revealed that this excellent form of Vitamin C also contains many subtle and supporting substances which assist in increasing its strength and effectiveness. They are known as bioflavonoids (living colors), rutin and hesperidan. Thank you original native Iroquois & Chippewa North American, pre-Columbian inhabitants for sharing this vital information with us.* DOSE:40 to 80 drops 3 times per day. In severe cases 1 tsp. 3 times per day. CHIPPEWA PINE (Revisited) - is the Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus. This is the historical source of an especially active form of the Vitamin C complex of vitamins. The wisdom of using the needles and the young bark of the Eastern White Pine together has been passed on to us by the Iroquois and Chippewa Native Americans as a means to survive stress and rigorous, inhospitable winter conditions of the North. Although the Vitamin C content found in the needles is not in high amounts, modern investigative techniques have revealed, when mixed with the young bark of the same tree, the effects of the available Vitamin C are multiplied impressively. Chippewa Pine is used to affect rapid body repair in cases of injury, strengthen fragile capillaries, repair blood vessels which cause varicose veins, prevent bruising too easily, increase connective tissue and skin flexibility, tighten loose teeth, restore gum health, prevent skin wrinkling, neutralize poisons and prevent infections. We now know the compounds which we call free radicals (abnormal "hyper-active" forms of the oxygen molecule which are unstable and react with things they should not and cause damage) are neutralized and eliminated, as well as, prevented by Chippewa Pine. One theory of the cause of premature aging and deterioration in old age can be laid at the door step of these free radicals, which are observed to cause abnormal cell division and the loss of protective fat layers in cell membranes. When cells divide abnormally, our immune system may not recognize the new cells and their altered protein as our own and attack them. These auto-immune reactions (the body fighting itself) are at the heart of some of the baffling conditions that are labeled "lupus", "osteoarthritis", or some form of "allergy" or other catch all labels. It is no wonder then, that some cases so labeled, respond so beautifully when free radical fighters such as "Chippewa Pine" are added to the diet. While it is true that free radicals occur during the normal life processes in the body, they are also caused by exposure to radiation and environmental poisons. High fat intake and the frying of fats in food preparation produce them. One of the proven ways to counteract this is to give the body enough natural Vitamin C and its correlative factors (rutin, hesperidan, bioflavonoids) which occur in nature with it. When you do this, the Vitamin C combines with the free radicals and renders them harmless. Better yet, it can prevent their formation. In this role, Chippewa Pine is classified as an antioxidant (prevents formation and or activity of abnormal oxygen compounds known as free radicals and their damage), a poison antidote and thus potent immune system booster by protecting and repairing the immune system itself and cutting down on the immune system's workload.* DOSE:As a daily maintenance of good health, 40 to 80 drops 3 times per day. A good "rule of thumb" (general rule) is 1 drop per pound of body weight per day. NOTE:To handle conditions of deterioration and reverse them use 1 tsp. 3 times per day. Also, eliminate environmental poisons, reduce excess fat intake and fried fats. Reduce exposure to radiation. Also, undertake a complete supplementation, improved digestion and cleaning program for the entire body. See: FORMULA MAX, SWEET ROOT, CASCARA SAGRADA, PSYLLIUM. Eat green salads. (This means no Iceberg "head" Lettuce.)

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