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Green Ginger (Formally Mugwort) Extract  4 fl. oz.
Green Ginger (formally known as Mugwort, wormwood) - Pure Herbs Green Ginger promotes healthy appetite and stomach function.* Promotes healthy levels of bile secretion from the liver.* Helps to relieve temporary muscle soreness from over exertion.* Artemisia absinthium. Parts Used: tops, leaves

Below is about historical observations and historical data relating to herbs. This document is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by license physicians. All readers should consult a physician regularly in all matters related to medical problems. This includes the diagnoses and treatment of disease and all other physical and mental conditions.

GREEN GINGER- ( Another name for Wormwood & Green Ginger ) - An old-fashioned rub for sore muscles on horses contains Wormwood, and it works beautifully. You know what? It works just as well for people. To stop motion sickness the sailor used Wormwood.* One to two drops on the tongue before flight or sailing and the problem is handled. Wormwood is also excellent to rub on bumps, bruises and sprains. It has long been thought that Wormwood takes upon itself the bitterness of human suffering and hence, absorbs our bitter residue (of nerve produced poisons) to absolve us from our suffering.* Indeed, modern investigative evidence does show Wormwood to expel poisons from our body, warm the body and bring the gall bladder to functioning again.* Roundworms and tape worms perish and are expelled by Wormwood. For pink eye, place 10 to 20 drops of Mugwort Extract in a half cup of distilled water and use as an eye bath for five minutes, three times during the day.* For corns, apply vitamin E oil from 100 unit capsules and then place a pad, wet with the extract, over the corn and cover this with plastic wrap. Change morning and night. Wash the area and allow to dry and then replace with a fresh dressing. The same for burns, as from x-rays, or otherwise. To bring a person out of a cataleptic state (stay in a fixed position and no movement), apply to the back of the neck, spine, temples, forehead and top of the head. Repeat as necessary.* To expel worms irritating the rectum, put one teaspoonful to 1 Tbl. of the extract in a cup of distilled water and fill a one-cup baby syringe with the solution. Insert the lubricated syringe (lubricate the insert with vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules) into the rectum and squeeze very slowly so that all of the fluid is retained. This is called an injection and not an enema. In an enema the water is expelled after flushing the colon. With the injection technique, relief is very rapid. Mugwort is the herb of choice for somnambulism.* This is a disorder where a person does things and does not remember them. In advanced stages, sleepwalking can occur. Here, a person may perform feats normally done while awake or even more extreme than when awake, such as walking on the roof of a building. 40 to 80 drops, three times per day, may be used in this case. Hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain", can occur from injuries (as in childbirth or falls), infection (as with parasites, germs, viruses, fungus), tumors and congestion.* In this instance, Mugwort reaches the heights of its corrective purposes. Apply vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules to the scalp, generously rub Mugwort into the scalp and cover the head with a shower cap. Leave on overnight. This moisture and thermal barrier will drive the herb into the area with a time-release action. The next morning, remove the dressing, wash off the area and allow to dry out. Repeat the dressing for the daytime. If you desire it to work more slowly, wait until evening for the next dressing. With this technique it is vital that the person have at least three or more bowel movements per day. The offending poisons being released can then go down the drain instead of up and out through the skin. Yes, there may be drainage through any body opening as well, if the bowels and kidneys are not kept open or are in a weakened condition. Therefore; it is a good idea to give the bowel cleaning herbs and the kidneys, cleaning and supporting herbs, such as C.C.E.-W and Cornsilk Combination (see C.C.E-W & Cornsilk Combination) in conjunction with Mugwort. When you find painful spots at the joints (a nerve control center), acupressure points and muscles that cause other painful spots, the body's electrical system is upset. These spots travel around the body, first one spot then another, then back to the same spot. Chase them out of the body by continuing to apply Mugwort to each spot as it acts up. When you need Mugwort, it is there and ready to function, a friend and comforter to all, if you will allow it.* DOSE:For general purposes, 10 to 40 drops, one to three times per day, after meals. For other uses and specific uses, see as given above.

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