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Why Extracts Are Better

This is the most refined and effective method known today for obtaining herbal results. An extract is commonly prepared by placing the pure herb powder in a solvent which will dissolve not only the portions which dissolve in water, but also the oily and waxy properties such as hormones, detergents, lubricants and enzymes that allow us to gain the full service of the herb. This is a dilution, not a concentrate. Experience has shown the best solvent to do this is a natural, neutral grain spirit or alcohol. While this may not be a perfect answer, it does give good results. The alcohol acts as a carrier for the herb rather than exerting an intoxicating affect. More over, only drops are used not glasses full. Indeed if too much is taken it may be rejected by the body. To make a good high quality natural extract, may require the herb to be soaked in the solvent for weeks or months, to obtain the full strength of the herb. When a capsule or tablet is swallowed it is only in the body for a few hours and this is often not enough time to get everything out of it. Extracts may be administered on or under the tongue and go directly into the bloodstream or leave the walls of the stomach within seconds. The approximately 26 feet of digestive system is no longer a hindrance. A person no longer has to ask, "If it is swallowed, will it end up where it is needed?" Extracts can often be applied directly over the area where they are needed by putting them on the skin and reaching the area inside the body. Caution should be advised with herbal extracts as only good, high quality extracts will work the way they should. Then, the practitioner will hear, "It works just like the book said it would!"

It is important to learn to taste the different extracts available on the market to be able to judge relative quality and note their affect. Is the taste all there, does it produce a stimulating, astringent, or soothing affect and does it have the true taste of the herb? Listed contents are only a guide.

Herbal Extracts may be taken singly, mixed together and/or added to juice or water, for flavoring before taking if you desire a milder taste or a fruit flavor.

4-ounce size = Approx. 3360 drops
20 drops=1 capsule
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