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Where to start

Dear Friends,

This work has been done so you can have a body without a physical problem.

If you don't know what to do or where to start:

Work on the digestion with digestaid herbs.

Clean the bowel with bowel cleansing herbs.

Clean the blood and liver with blood and liver cleansing herbs.

Calm the nerves with brain and nerve herbs.

Don't eat processed "junk foods" made with white flour, white sugar, margarine and other hydrogenated fats, table salt, and any foods with chemical additives.

Include protein at each meal.

Give vitamin and mineral herbs.

Drink clean water such as spring water, that you have confidence in.

Get regular hours of rest.

Move around regularly and play.

Avoid things and people that continually upset you.

Avoid chills.

Put some energy and anti-stress capability into the body with energy and glandular nourishment herbs.

Regularly use herbs that build immunity and herbs that function as poison antidotes.

Avoid chemicals in the home, workplace and environment.

The body will repair itself if you give it even half a chance. And, when the body is healthy, you can think healthy thoughts again.

With the best of all possible regards for you, 5 July 1985, and amplified 22 January 1996.

Dr. A. H.
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